Singapore 11 July 2017 – JA Ishinomaki announces the launch of Hitomebore rice– literally known as “Fall in Love at First Sight” rice in Singapore this July. To commemorate the distinct occasion, a special Rice Event will be held at One Farrer Hotel & Spa on Thursday, 20th July. Members of the trade can expect a presentation of the uniqueness of the rice as well as enjoy tasting 5 specially crafted rice dishes by Chef Shunhei Nitta of Pixy, Bar & Cuisine and pairing it with wagyu and sake from Ishinomaki Prefecture.

Like its Japanese name suggests, the Hitomebore rice is one to fall in love with easily! Cultivated in the rich and luscious landscapes of Ishinomaki the rice is celebrated for its shiny texture, rich fragrance and level of stickiness that is well-liked by many. The resilience of the rice allows it to be used to prepare a delectable array of dishes from different cuisines. It not only pairs well with savoury dry stir-fry dishes but also goes exceptionally well with gravy and soups; needless to say its retention of moisture allows for easy shaping which is is ideal for sushi making.


This premium rice comes specially vacuumed packed after the polishing process to prevent weevils and maintain the rice’s balance of stickiness, shine, taste and flavour, thus ensuring its freshness from mill to store. First to be exported outside of Japan, the Hitomebore can be expected in stores of Singapore by the last quarter of 2017.


To cultivate such a premium rice, its environment is essential. Located in the northern part of the Miyagi Prefecture of the Tohoku region, Ishinomaki boasts a serene landscape of lush paddy rice fields and surrounding majestic mountains with two first class rivers, the Kitagami River and Naruse River, running through it, enriching its soils. With minimal snowfall in the winter, the region is blessed with a temperate climate throughout the year creating the richest granary zone in the prefecture. No doubt that Ishinomaki has the ideal climatic and geographical conditions for rice cultivation. In fact, the prefecture grows two of the finest rice in Japan: the Hitomebore and the Sasanishiki where the latter’s production volume boasts the highest country wide.


Rice being a fundamental building block of the Asian diet and lifestyle, holds the key to both our health and well-being. JA Ishinomaki, understands this and practices an agricultural ethos of global sustenance as well as sustainable food practices and believes in delivering safe, secure and delicious quality rice to people around the world. To maintain production of high quality rice, modern research and stringent quality control is put to use. When cultivating the Hitomebore rice, chemical fertilizer & pesticides use is suppressed and high-quality compost has been introduced in the soil to enrich it with nutrients. Prior to the start of production, radioactivity tests on rivers and paddy fields are carried out. After harvesting, another round of tests are performed before shipping and sold under the public announcement of inspection results ensuring safety in consumption.


The company also follows the stringent standards of rice production set by the certifying body and also practices safe and secure processing methods by working on distribution of manuals related to rice cultivation to all producers and holds records of cultivation history books & production process management (GAP). Although Ishinomaki is among the several municipalities affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the production level for rice has reverted back to normal today. Consumers will be treated to food that is well conceived, well cultivated and well packaged.


Rice Dishes prepared by Chef  Shunhei Nitta

Barramundi Rice
Mutton Biryani
Rice Salad
Rice Sou
Riz Au Lait

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