Kansho (Sweet Potato) Cream Tart

Enjoy all the goodness from the humble sweet potato in a delicious dessert tart!
This recipe requires Yaki Kansho (Baked Sweet Potato)



Kansho (sweet potato): 230g

Mascarpone Cream: 100g

Honey: 50g


Step1: Peel the skin of kansho and soak it in lemon water for a while.

Step2: Boil the kansho until cooked.

Step3: Mash the boiled kansho.

Step4: Add Mascarpone Cheese and mix.

Step5: Add honey and mix.


Arrangement for a tarte

Place the Kansho cream in a ready-made tart and decorate with Yaki kansho (Baked Sweet Potato) to enjoy Kansho Tart.


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