En Sakaba Capital Tower Celebratory Party Course

28 November 2017 – Cheers and Be Merry!  Yet it’s another ending to a good fabulous year!

Congratulations, you made it through yet another ending to a good fabulous year! Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work and enjoy a well-deserved feast.  

With a firm belief that food connects people, EN SAKABA is a perfect Japanese dining place which provides a gastronomic experience for any occasions any celebrations!  
This is the best reason to celebrate Year End and hold a jolly party at En Sakaba Capital Tower!  We want to impress you with a feast of En Sakaba Celebratory Party Course packages!


Premium Queen Crab & Shabu Shabu course at only $48++ (usual $78). 

Queen crab is undoubtedly one of the must-eat seasonal delicacies.  Not forgetting the ‘secret’ broth which reveals the sweet essence of this hearty feast with a flavor that’s both intense and delicate. 

You can choose to enjoy either udon or rice in this flavourful broth.  This course comes with refreshing appetizers, fresh crisp salad followed by a deluxe 5 kinds sashimi platter that’s tasted fresh, sweet & great! 

Just look at the iberico pork and premium Australian beef striploin, they taste nicer than how they look.  Imagine they are almost reaching the melt-in-your-mouth level!  Not forgetting the lightly battered crispy golden prawns and vegetables tempura, your taste buds are definitely going to be perked up!  This course is perfectly ended with silky smooth handmade tofu cheesecakes made from the hearts!

Sashimi Dinner Course at only $38++.

Sashimi is always a MUST HAVE when you stepped into a Japanese restaurant. Well known for featuring the freshest and juiciest catches of sashimi, En Sakaba shows the way of winning hearts over this affordable dinner course.  
Indulge in 5 kinds of Sashimi Platter along with other delicacies, we are sure that you will be spoilt for choices! 

FREE flow drinks at only $28++.

A celebration can never be completed without any liquor! With order of Celebratory Party Course, enjoy FREE flow drinks of beer, shochu, shochu cocktails and soft drinks are available with an additional top up of only $28++ for 2 hours.

Make your reservation today and call Capital Tower branch at 6423 0110. 


About En Sakaba

S a k a b a means “bar” in Japanese. The concept emulate En’s motto to be the gathering place where people
meet and bond through gourmet food in perfect harmony. With that, the group aim to create a cosmopolitan space 
where patrons can enjoy great food and tipple in a convivial, relaxed atmosphere.

En Sakaba is a dining concept merging tachinomiya (standing bar) and izakaya (bar with seats), serving the finest Japanese cuisine for that 
unforgettable gastronomic experience.  With a firm belief that food connects people, En Sakaba’s newest flagship restaurant at Capital Tower 
is designed as the ideal place to impress business engagements and modern comfort for social gatherings.

En Sakaba will focus on offering a variety of Japanese influenced tapas that are best paired with sake and beer.

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