Sundown Sundays @ Potato Head

I’ve been living in Singaporefor over a year and a half now, and becuase I’ve always been out and about at various places on holidays, it is around this time that I somehow finally grasped the characteristics of the area that I’ve been living in.

This time, Aoki, a Spoonful representative and I covered about food in the OUTRAM PARK area where a lot of CAFÉ & DINING shops with attractive interiors are located.

The interview this time is at the Restaurant and Bar called “POTATO HEAD”, located in a place less than 10 minutes walk from OUTRAM PARK MRT station.

Just between Keong Saik Rd and Teck Lim Rd, the building with 3 stories white and red lines on its facade is a relatively easy to find.

Each level has a different theme or interior concept which makes it really fun to visit. The burger shop is located on the first floor, the dining on the second floor, the bar on the third  and the roof top bar on the fourth floor.

This was supposed to be a coverage of the roof top bar, but I went ahead to have some tea at the second floor  before that.

I had a Minty Cappuccino and it was really fragrant and tasty. The second floor interior concept is one of wooden furniture and a humorous illustration depicted on the wall giving off a stylish yet warm impression.

When I went there, it was a Sunday afternoon, there were guests with children with their family and friends, and it was quite lively. The interior is cute so it looks good for a date too.

I used the stairs to access each floor, and this set of stairs are covered in checkered tiles accompained with a colorful wall, I was interested in the distinctive stylishness that is just perfect.

By the way, the bar on the third floor emits an interior of a calm giving off a more mature and adult atmosphere.

As we had tea at the dining area for two about hours, we asked the roof top bar to show us and we will start with the rooftop bar from 4 pm on Sunday “Sundown I ordered Sundays.

“Sundown Sundays” is a set menu that started recently with this “POTATO HEAD”, and it is a plan of all-you-can-eat and drink of “Sate (Saté)” “Cocktail” for 3 hours.

It seems to be doing from 4 pm to 7 pm, this time zone is free flow and it will stay as it is after 7 o’clock. Events such as DJ seem to start at night.

“Sate” is a local food in East Asia, like a skewer.

In this plan “Sate Ayam” and “Sate Sapi” are all you can eat.

In Malay and Indonesian, “Ayam” means chicken, “Sapi” means beef.

Eating all you can eat, only two kinds of dishes? What? Some people may be disappointed a bit, but I am convinced if I think it is snack. Shrimp crackers also follow the side.

Seasoning is also sweet with the sauce, moderately spicy. Meat is also soft and I feel like I can eat any number of books.

I have already gotten full with about 5 bottles.

You can choose from eight different cocktails. We asked for “Aperol Sprints” “Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt” “Sailor Jerry Rum”.

You can choose how to drink soda or lock, too.

When I go to Sunday evening, work starts again from tomorrow and I think that I want to prepare the condition of the body at the beginning of the week, so I thought that the time of only 3 hours from the evening was really nice .

For people who like drinking at a price of 58 + + dollars, is not it reasonably affordable?

At first, I focused on cooking and alcohol, but the roof top bar has a tropical atmosphere so there is a feeling of opening, and the wind is also very comfortable. The time and day were beginning to tilt, so the heat was coming down.

Unfortunately, squall came in the middle, but it is ok. A big aunt will come out properly. Stop it in a short time, it is as it is again.

If I come here, the next day is Monday, but it was a Sunday I thought vaguely with a drunkard that I could still fully enjoy the weekend.

Photo Spoonful sentences: Spoonful Ambassador Chai

While working for a company as a designer on a local recruitment in Singapore, I want to engage in an interesting food culture, “I would like to convey the difference in food culture between Singapore and Japan from articles of daily self-awareness” To the Spoonful’s Ambassador. Hobbies: running and cooking

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