• mini cup cake
    kokonoe kitchen’s cup cake mix with Japanese fresh eggs

    Famous for its high-quality eggs from, Oita Japan, kokonoE kitchen has launched “DIY Cupcake Set”.   As you see, all in one box!   Even their famous eggs are in the set!   You can leave to the kids to bake.   Mix followed by recipe.   Combine the flour and mix of eggs.  

  • Japanese Restaurant Take Away & Food Delivery Facebook Group

    Hey Spoonfuls and Japanese Food Lovers! No need to scramble and search everywhere for information about your favourite Japanese Food outlet or restaurant as we ride out this Circuit Breaker Measure in Singapore. Check out Japanese Restaurant Take Away and Food Delivery for all the delivery & take away information from Japanese Food outlets! This

  • A Message to our Members

    Dear Spoonful Members, Due to the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, please be informed that all Spoonful Events, Classes, and Workshops will be suspended until further notice. For those who have already signed up for our classes in March and April, we sincerely apologise for the cancellation. Our team will be contacting participants individually. When the

  • Useful Link to Covid-19

    Government’s Whatapp!/5e33fa3709f80b00113b6891   MOH   Regard with DORSCON(Disease Outbreak Response System Condition) \   Regard with Events in Singapore   Entry Restriction and remarks from China to Singapore   Entry Restriction from Singapore to Sarawak   When you visit UK from Singapore   Clarifications to the rumor

  • Chef Ishida
    A voice from Spoonful Director Vol1: The Reason why we do cooking events at restaurant!

    This is the very sincere way to link both restaurants and customers in real and make good atmosphere! My passion is to link the society and society and people to people who are in passion of the culinary world. Seeing is believing, restaurants is not only for dinning but more communicable place. I would like

  • JANICE WONG's Mooncake event
    Janice Wong’s Mooncake and Confectioneries Tasting @ 2:amdessert bar

    Our experience and savor Janice Wong’s latest creation of Mooncakes at this special tasting session! Guests were able to sample her latest limited edition 2019 Japanese Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival showcasing key ingredients from nine different prefectures in Japan among some other confectioneries from her famous chocolate series.

  • 堰琢磨シェフへのインタビュー前編 ~日本食未開発地、アゼルバイジャンで奮闘~

    カスピ海西に位置し、ロシア連邦、ジョージア、アルメニア、イランの4か国に囲まれ、国土は日本の4分の1ほどの国、アゼルバイジャンに馴染みのある人は、日本でもシンガポールでもまだまだ少ない。 ただ、近年天然資源を潤沢に保有する国として、その経済成長に注目が集まる国でもある。

  • Elle et Vire Course Report vol.1 – Pastries

    The other day I was a very honored to receive an opportunity to attend a workshop by Elle et Vire, a famous French cream & butter brand in France. The place is Maison de la Crème under the  Elle et Vire group, located in a quiet residential area close to Versailles, just outside of Paris. 

  • Why My Cake Collapsed – 10 Tips to Making a Perfect Chiffon

    You know how a lot of us get utterly caught up in a myriad of daily responsibilities we forget what helps take the glitches away in our lives. Well, for me, Baking helped. At Spoonful, I’ve earned myself the nickname The Midnight Baker because as a mom of 2, I just couldn’t afford to bake with a

  • Spoonful’s Afternoon of Royal Spooky Icing Fun! How to decorate cookies with Royal Icing

    So it’s that time of the year again where everyone’s extremely hyped up about all things Halloween! Funny I should say this, cause Halloween hasn’t been that big of a deal in this part of the world until the last decade or so! No, this blog is not a decade late – in case you’re wondering. So

  • Change the World with Organic Farming – An Organic Farm Experience in France

    In the Caudan city of Brittany, northwest of France, there is a small organic farm that was recently established two years ago. I found the entrance to the plantation just slightly beyond the main road, a little past the green pastures where horses graze. I was then greeted and given a warm welcome by two

  • Sundown Sundays @ Potato Head

    I’ve been living in Singapore for over a year and a half now, and because I’ve always been out and about at various places on holidays, it is around this time that I somehow finally grasped the characteristics of the area that I’ve been living in. This time, Aoki, a Spoonful representative and I covered

  • A Japanese Afternoon Tea that evokes Nostalgia

    Today, we experienced a wonderful Japanese afternoon tea at Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel. The Tea Lounge in the hotel, sets the mood just right, with a contemporary colonial garden setting and chic interiors with decorative accent chairs creating an elegant and modern Singapore feel. Tea Lounge usually offers traditional English style afternoon tea

  • Morsels – A Trendy Restaurant Specialising in Fermented Food – Part 2

    Although the concept of restaurants incorporating fermented food in their menu is relatively new in Singapore, Chef Petrina has been familiar with fermented food since her childhood days. It was Petrina’s father-in-law who inspired and spurred her interest in food. He taught her how to select ingredients in a wet market and how to cook.

  • Morsels – A Trendy Restaurant Specialising in Fermented Food

    In Singapore’s popular dining area Dempsey, nests a nice single house restaurant surrounded by greenery.It is quaint and pretty as if it comes from the mystical world of Japanese author & film director, Hayao Miyazaki. The entrance leads into a comfortable spacious area and one’s imagination and expectations slowly expands into tonight’s restaurant story.There over

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