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Shanghai Potsticker Buns 生煎馒头 Recipe

– Recipe by Cai Li Blakeman, our expert culinary instructor on Chinese cuisine-  The most popular street snack in Shanghai. These golden-bottomed buns, known as shēng jiān mán tóu in Chinese, meaning pan-fried directly without steaming, are the heftier yet equally irresistible big brother of Shanghai Xiao Long Bao.

Sweet Potatoes Leaves Curry

-by Chef Linda- Can’t get enough of Peranakan cuisine? Try this simple and heart warming Nonya dish made with super food sweet potatoes, its leaves and tiger prawns! These much “neglected” sweet potatoes leaves –  delicious and affordable and they pack a multitude of health benefits. It is quite similar to another local vegetable – Kang Kong (morning glory/water…