Corporate Culinary Team Building at our professional kitchen or any suitable venue you prefer when you need

An ice-breaker for your quarterly regional meeting; a fun gathering when senior executives visiting Singapore; deepen relationships with your valued customers; a year-end gathering celebrating your team’s accomplishments

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Private Class at your home kitchen or your preferred venue when you need   A fun and unique ladies’ night or birthday celebration; your themed dinner party; a welcome or farewell party for your family and friends to experience or bring back memorable culture experiences

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Batch Cooking with Japanese Meals (Tsukurioki) 
Among the many available choices, “Tsukuri-oki Cooking Service” has especially been gaining popularity. “Tsukuri-oki” is the preparation of a meal that you keep–for about a week–in a refrigerator or freezer, allowing you to simply heat it up when you’re ready to eat it. When you request the “Tsukuri-oki” service from a housekeeper, they will prepare several kinds of recipes in large quantities. This service prepares meals that last from 2 – 3 days per a family of 2-4 pax.

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