Corporate Social Responsibility

At Spoonful, we value our relationship with food more than anything and always treat our food with respect. When we first found out how much food wastage is happening in Singapore, we were very much disheartened. From then, we have set a mission and resolved to build a more collaborative, less wasteful and sustainable Singapore within a vision of food education models that work together to feed communities. Spoonful’s founder, Yasuko Kernin-Aoki guides her work with a simple message:


Respect the food and nutrition that is given to us by nature. If it is not spoilt in any way, don’t bin it. Re-use it.

Ever since the start of our establishment, Spoonful has been working with the Food Bank Singapore in spreading the word and educating our culinary students about Food Wastage in Singapore.

Spoonful’s efforts include organizing volunteering sessions to the Food Bank Singapore, educating and promoting the awareness of Food Wastage & playing a part in our everyday classes, events, and life!  We recycle food scraps from our workshops and re-create a brand new dish using them.

Being a part of this worthy cause and giving back to our community to do our bid in building a more sustainable environment, has given us drive to excel and we hope to motivate our students and working partners in all that we do.\

Learn more about Food Bank Singapore here





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