Lamb Kebab Koobideh

by Chef Javad


Lamb meat (Ideal: Shoulder meat -70%, leg meat-30%)1.6kg
Onion (peeled)260g
Cumin Powder2.4g
Black Pepper Powder4.8g
White pepper powder11g
Saffron Water*40ml

*Iranian saffron is of good quality, so a small amount (2 to 3 teaspoons for 40 ml of water is a good standard), but other than that please add a little more.



  1. Mix all ingredients together and minced in a food processor. It will resemble a paste that will stick together and will not fall apart when you pick it up in your hand.
  2. Make a meatball (2.5~3cm) and put it on a skewer one by one
  3. Spreading the meatball by opening and closing your fingers to stick the meat to the skewer. Make sure that a handle part of the skewer is clear for grilling.
  4. Place the skewered kebabs on the hot grill and cook until it is cooked through and starts to brown on each side. Grill for about about 5 minutes per side.