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We are here to take the great goodness of the best Michoacán Avocados to the people of the world and contribute to their sustained well-being through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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Everybody loves candy.

It was on that universal premise that Candylicious was founded in 2010. A Singapore-based, international award-winning candy brand, Candylicious is a treasure trove of world-famous candy brands, premium chocolates and selected gourmet treats from all over the world.

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 CULINARYON - Europe’s largest edutainment culinary studio, unique culinary playground that amps up the fun and excitement in their cooking parties. This one-of-a-kind concept was founded in Moscow in 2012, and 1 October 2015 the studio opened its second centre in Singapore.Read More


 Dulcet & Studio is the place for lazy afternoon teas, family outings, friendly celebrations and exploring your culinary interests in a bright environment. Designed by one of the top Japanese designers based out of Tokyo, Dulcet & Studio is a cosy café to unwind and relax in this rushing city district.Read More


 Probably the first question on your mind right now is "What is a food bank?"

To make it really simple, a food bank is a place where companies or people can come to deposit or donate their unused or unwanted food which will then be collected and allocated to the needy through a network of member beneficiaries such as family service centres, various types of homes, soup kitchens, and other VWOs.

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Fish Mart SAKURAYA is a "Japanese One-Stop Centre" which has been in Singapore for more than 29 Years. We provide wide variety of Japanese foods such as Fresh Sashimi & Yummy Hand-made Sushi, Japanese Rice, Sake, Shochu, Ice-Cream, Tidbits, Beverages and more.......
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JAQUAS is a Super Alkaline Ionised Water (SAIW) that contains only 0.17% potassium carbonate and mainly 99.83% pure water. Although it is strong enough to remove heavy stains, it is safe to use and suitable for those with sensitive skin, as certified by the Institute of General Health Development Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan.
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One Farrer Hotel and Spa is a five-star urban resort defined by a trendsetting approach towards lifestyle and hospitality. Situated in Singapore’s heritage district next to Farrer Park MRT station, the luxury retreat is stylishly adorned with distinctive art pieces and sculptures from Sculpture Square, complementing its modern décor.

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Premium Water is a high quality natural water, made by Mt. Fuji.The natural alkaline water, deeply filtered by Japan's nature, includes minerals,
such as vanadium in the best balance.

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