Batch Cooking with Japanese Meals (Tsukurioki)  


Batch Cooking with Japanese Meals (Tsukurioki) 
Among the many available choices, “Tsukuri-oki Cooking Service” has especially been gaining popularity. “Tsukuri-oki” is the preparation of a meal that you keep–for a few days in a refrigerator or a few weeks in the freezer, allowing you to simply heat it up when you’re ready to eat it. When you request the “Tsukuri-oki” service from a housekeeper, they will prepare several kinds of recipes in large quantities. This service prepares meals that last from 2 – 3 days per a family of 2-4 pax.

Details & How it works:

– Fee: S$150/ 3 hours*
– Our chef will be preparing and cooking in your home kitchen.
– Dishes: Japanese home dishes. We have a pre-set menu of 50 items. Each customer can select up to 5 dishes from the menu.
– Total amount of dishes:  6 to 10 dishes depending on the dishes, the size of the family and the kitchen’s environment such as number of cooking hobs and equipment
– Each meal prep is designed for a family of 3-4 pax.
– We recommend the meals to be consumed within 2 days unless the dish is suitable to be frozen for storage. In that case, frozen dishes can be stored up to two weeks

– Ingredients are not inclusive. Grocery Shopping service can be provided at an additional service fee of $20*. Transportation fee from grocery service is charged separately. We can provide Omakase meals with Grocery Shopping service.

*Excludes ingredients & transportation costs

** This is not a catering, party package or private chef teaching service. For Party package and private lessons, please enquire with us at


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