6 October 2017

For the first time in Singapore, two pastry chefs from Japan will join hand in hand to offer Master baking classes and reveal secrets to their baking techniques in a series of classes organized by Spoonful Singapore.

Chef Tounaka, owner and head chef of Ashiya Roll (T T coffer) and Chef Kobayashi, head pastry chef and owner of Atelier Orange from Mie will be in town to teach their famous creations – the Ashiya Roll and the Flower Chiffon Cake to baking aficionados here in Singapore!

The Ashiya Roll cake is a popular favourite among the Japanese, particularly the locals of Ashiya, a cozy neighbourhood located in Kobe Prefecture, Japan.  It is said that the locals of Ashiya are very particular about the taste of the Ashiya Roll and has hence set a high standard for this cake. The juicy yet airy and light sponge cake compliments well with the milky cream filing and surely one bite is never enough.

The stunning Flower Chiffon cake is also known as the Angel’s Chiffon. As the name implies, the cake is light as air, almost floating like an angel. Topped with Hokkaido fresh cream and a colorful array of edible flowers, this cake aims to impress and is definitely different from the chiffon cakes that we usually have.


Ayashi Roll
Flower Chiffon Cake


These classes are held across 21 October to 24 October at Origins of Food, located at One Farrer Hotel & Spa. Attendees can choose to either take a full day master class learning both recipes at one go, or opt for an a la carte choice of either recipe at different time slots. Tickets are available via

The secrets techniques to Japanese pastry will no longer be a secret after you take their master classes!


About Chef Fumiaki Kobayashi

A head pastry chef and owner of Atelier Orange. Chef Kobayashi was trained in Tsuji Culinary Institute, a well-known & respected culinary institute in Osaka, Japan. He worked at various patisseries around Japan and France. He started his career at Anniversary in Mie where he was a chief pasty for 5 years, then moved to France, where he worked for a one Michelin star restaurant in Alsace, Au Bon Accueil and ARNAUD LARHER in Paris. After working for The Georgian Club and Bistro D’arbre in Tokyo, he opened his own Patisserie Atelier Orange in Mie-Prefecture in the year 2005. The patisserie quickly became very popular.

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About Chef Hideo Tounaka

Owner and head chef of Ashiya Roll (T T coffer). After graduating from Tokyo College of Cuture, Chef Tounaka’s started his career in the world of fashion. But after finding interest in cooking and baking, he then jumped into the food and beverage industry following his passion. He then first opened a Ramen restaurant which won him several awards. After his success with the ramen restaurant, he proceeded with training at Domija Roll Factory as a pastry chef, following which he decided to open his own pastry store named Ashiya Roll (T T coffer). Since its opening in the year of 2013, the shop and his creations, the Ashiya Roll and Angel’s Chiffon in particular, has been gained popularity and fame.

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